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Customizable electronic registration forms in Kongressi

The multifunctional solution for event organizers

Kongressi is the most versatile toolkit for professional event organizers. The easy-to-use software covers all aspects of event organizing and its features can be utilized throughout the events life cycle.

Kongressi includes all the tools for executing events of any size or type. The number of events and participants is unlimited. Stylish registration forms are easy to publish, and managing the customer data is simple. Kongressi also includes event marketing, communication and reporting.

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Popular features for event organizers

Take advantage of these Kongressi features when organizing events

Abstract management


Collect abstracts and program suggestions.

Kongressi has all the necessary functions for collecting and evaluating abstracts and program proposals. Both the collection and the evaluation are done with forms, which can be flexibly customized. Abstracts can be shared to the evaluators, and abstracts are either rejected or accepted as part of the event program. Communicating to the writers and evaluators can be easily done in Kongressi.

Accommodation management


Offer effortless accommodation reservations.

With the help of Kongressi you will ensure a smooth stay at your events. Participants can book their accommodations from the provided options at the same time as they register to your event. Keep track of the quotas in real time and report reservations easily to partners. Accommodations can be paid online, billed or made at the time of stay.



Charge payments individually or in bulk.

Kongressi provides plenty of options for traditional billing and online payments. Invoices can be printed for mailing, sent as an e-mail attachment, or e-invoiced to the online bank. Kongressi has interfaces for online payments with Paytrail, Netaxept and Maksuturva. The system also succeeds in registrating payments and giving compensations or refunds.

Event portal

Event app

Share information and encourage communication.

Provide the latest information about your event to participants in Kongressi event app. The mobile-responsive application includes all the most relevant event information, up-to-date program and the latest news about your event. Event visitors can participate joint discussions in message stream and follow social media content easily.


Onsite registration

Provide smooth entry.

Welcome participants to your event without any unnecessary queues. With the personal QR or bar codes of Kongressi Onsite, you can quickly check their access right and register the participants as arrivals. The registration of new entrants can be done in Onsite even at the venue.



Ask how successful your event was.

Request feedback from the participants to evaluate and develop your event. In Kongressi you can send personalized feedback questionnaires, where the content is based on participations or role. The results of the survey are shown in Kongressi, and you can also build reports in PDF format.

The Kongressi solution

What else Kongressi includes?

Kongressi is multifunctional solution, that gives you the keys to smooth event organizing.
Easy-to-use tools simplify your workload and automate routines, so you can focus on the essentials. Kongressi includes services for each step of organizing your event, such as marketing, enrollment, communication and reporting. You can customize Kongressi to your own needs by selecting additional features.

  • Basic features of Kongressi:

  • Event management
    Creating a new event or training is easy with a simple form. Your event can be an individual or part of a larger entity. Manage the booking situation by setting a participant quota and waiting lists, and overbookings will not surprise you. Read more
  • Customer management (CRM)
    Maintaining your customer register is easy, when contact information, attendance and customer history will automatically accumulate to the same customer card. You can set different roles and customer types, such as participant or lecturer. Read more
  • Registration form
    Create and publish stylish sign-up or registration pages for your event easily in different languages.With the online registration form you can ask questions flexibly and in the desired order. If necessary, you can create multiple forms for different uses. Read more
  • Communication
    Reach potential customers and event participants with an agile marketing and communication tool. Collect marketing information and manage marketing licenses. Send invitations, course materials and newsletters to selected recipients from the Post office. Read more
  • Reports
    Create high-quality, real-time reports of your events. You have plenty of standard reports available and you can create more from the Post office. Read more
  • Optional advanced features:

  • Event calendar
    Publish all your events in the same calendar and get more attendees for events. Participants can search interesting events in the calendar, browse options and register for the selected events. Read more
  • Event app
    Gather the most essential information of the event! In the mobile-friendly Kongressi event application program information is easily available and participants can be reached quickly with notifications. Read more
  • Event portal
    Support active communication and reach the attendees during your event. The event portal shows up-to-date information about your event. The message stream gives your participants the opportunity to communicate with other visitors of the event. Read more
  • Participant portal
    Reduce your work with self-service forms. In the personal portal participants can edit their own information, cancel their participation or print their ticket to the event. Read more
  • Lecturer portal
    The lecturer can maintain the lectures content and share materials to participants. The lecturers report their personal information for reward payments on their own portal. Read more
  • Onsite registration
    Avoid queues at the entrances. Send entry tickets to the participants beforehand or print them at the venue. The entrance passes smoothly, when the participants will be read into the event by QR-code or barcodes. Read more
  • Abstract management
    Collect abstracts and program suggestions with form and share them for evaluation. The evaluator has own portal, where he can fill in assessment forms and distribute abstract to other reviewers. The abstract information updates automatically to event program. Read more
  • Questionnaires
    Request feedback about your event with personalized queries. You can select the questions displayed on the feedback form according to the recipient's participations or role. Get the results in real-time reports. Read more
  • Certificates
    Send certificates to event or course participants with your own style. You can send certificates one by one, in mass or automatically after answering to the questionnaire. Read more
  • Membership register
    Save time and effort by handling the whole member management in one service. Our multifunctional membership register has been developed in cooperation with alliances and clubs. The service includes i.e. complete membership information, communication tools, billing and option to self-service portal. Read more
  • Billing and online payments
    Are you organizing paid events or selling other products? Create the products you want, price them flexibly, and invoice the orders. We offer plenty of options for both traditional invoicing and online payments. Incoming payments are automatically registered and compensations are easy to make. Read more
  • Accommodation management
    Make participation in your event easy and provide the possibility for hotel reservations upon registration. You are free to add different accommodation options and can follow the booking situation in real time. Read more
  • Web shop
    Sell your products and services easily! In Kongressi web shop the products are showcased impressively and shopping is easy. Read more
  • Integrations
    Connect your event seamlessly to the systems you use. Kongressi includes ready-made solutions and interfaces for example to identity management, CRM systems and financial management software. Read more


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